Squib Sails

Hyde's Squib sails designs are the result of a couple of winters intensive two boat tuning where Nigel Grogan (Squib 105) and Malcolm Hutchings (Squib 819) spent many hours in the Solent in conjunction with our two sail designers Mike Lennon and Richard Lovering evaluating a series of squib sails each successive one designed as an improvement over the previous one.

Mike and Richard bring an enormous amount of experience to the design of Squib sails having won many national and international championships between them as well as campaigning boats as diverse as Flying Dutchman to XOD. Both have participated in several Olympic campaigns as competitors as well as sail designers and tune up crew . The sails are designed using computer software called Sailpack which was developed for the Italian America's Cup team and is much superior to that used by most sailmakers. It enables Hyde's to minutely modify flying shapes into laser cut panels with exact repeatability and accuracy. The sails are sewn and finished by hand after the panels have been cut by machine according to Mike and Richard's designs

Squib Mainsail

Squib Mainsail 2A

New Squib mainsail design with straight exit for pace and acceleration. Includes window and leach tell tales.                                        

Squib Genoa

Squib Genoa 2B

New design Squib Genoa with straight exit Window and tell tales included. Leach line and tape and clip hanks. Other hanks or hank-free sails available if preferred. Genoas to fit the new roller systems are also available to the same design.

Squib Spinnaker

Squib Spinnaker Horizontal cut 2E

This sail was first used at the Squib Nationals in 2010 and is particularly fast dead running and projects the maximum area possible. Both the Hyde Squib spinnakers are made in Dynakote rip-stop nylon and available in a full range of colours.


Squib Spinnaker vertical cut

This has been the standard Squib spinnaker. The broad shoulders are the result of the increased shaping in the leech panels. Very effective on Championship triangle courses.


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