Flying 15 Sails

Hyde’s design team has spent a lot of development time on its Flying 15 sails over the past few years. Hyde’s Flying 15 Sails cater for all types of crews and the sails have shown great speed and height at a variety of events. The latest development of the F15 Genoa showed great potential and speed on its first outing, even for the lighter crews in the class.

Flying 15 mainsail

F15 Mainsail Code 2A
(for crews under 27 1/2 stone)

This sail is design for crews under 27 1/2 Stone. This sail has proved that it's fast upwind working with the 2A Jib. A cross cut sail, it has shown itself to be very powerful in light airs. As the wind increases the sail flattens off easily with use of mast bend, kicking strap and cunningham controls whilst retaining an efficient shape. The head of the sail works well to provide good gust response making the boat easy to steer upwind in a breeze.

Flying 15 mainsail

F15 Mainsail Code 3A
(for crews over 27 1/2 stone)

This sail has been design for crews over 27 1/2 stone and it will also work very well with the 2A Jib. The sail is fuller in the bottom 1/2 giving more power for the heaver weight crews. It also flattens off very well using the mast bend controls, kicker and Cunningham.

Flying 15 Jib

F15 Genoa Code 2A

Designed to work in conjunction with the 2A Mainsail and the 3A Mainsail, the 2A Genoa offers great all round performance. Careful attention has been paid to ensure the draft position and depth allows sailors to get the best from the sail no matter what the conditions.

Flying 15 Spinnaker

F15 Spinnaker 2F

We have been working constantly on improving the shape of this sail to get the maximum from the design and rules. The 2F offers great performance both reaching and running, but combines this with being user-friendly allowing everyone to get the best from the sail. The sail has radial clews with cross cut upper panels to allow the sail to exhaust on close reaches.


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